It’s all about the ass (Part One)

What is it about Men’s ass that turns me on


It is round, vulnerable, soft mostly unless tensed up in pain or arousal.

Sexless? well, it appears to be since whether one is a man or a woman, they share the same ass.


Yet even for the most macho guy whose testosterone level is way off the charts, his ass is usually still a cool Venusian mound of soft flesh that parts in ecstasy when you lick the square center of it.

And as the buttock muscles eases, lengthens, softens and soothes itself out to be receptive while the man moans in near-divine ecstasy, the line between what we conceive to be male and what is female is blurred ever so slightly. Because in the realm of the ass, everyone is a soft, moaning receptive female.

Don’t believe? Just imagine a tough guy like Daniel Craig, with slabs and slabs of very male muscles stretched taut over his sweaty naked frame.

And imagine, a warm wet tongue darting along the inner cheeks of his bare, naked and vulnerable ass…



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